Inspired By Squid Game (오징어 게임)



Oppa NFTs are a unique collection of 10000 Oppa inspired by Squid Game.

Each Oppa is divided into 3 categories : Oppa Player, Oppa Squad and VIPs. There will only be 456 Oppa players wearing a green jacket with a number. There will be 8641 Oppa Squad who will be wearing a red jacket, which are also divided into 3 categories : Circle (Common), Triangle (Rare), Square (Epic)

Then come the 902 VIPs wearing VIP Black/Solana suits! Only 1 front man will be available!

Oppa NFT is one of the first deflationary NFTs on Solana. 8% of royalties taxes will be given as 2% to the Marketing Wallet and 6% to the Doll Wallet (which will be used to buy back).
Any Oppa Player or Squad/VIP bought back will be eliminated (burned). All Eliminated Oppa will be listed in our hall of fame for participating in the game.

Burning phase will happen every week, which guarantees a price floor increase for all OPPA NFTs Holders. Do not list your Oppa cheap because it may be... ELIMINATED.

About us

Heyoppa is an online language exchange app build in 2020.
We believe that one of the best ways to learn and practice a language is through conversation exchanges. The main goal of Heyoppa is to help Korean and International people to practice their target language.

Since 2020, Heyoppa has built a large community of over 200 000 users all around the world. Almost every feature is available for free to users. The app uses a system of "match" to connect users with each other. Users may also translate their partners messages into their own native language.

Currently, Heyoppa app allows users to generate a profile picture among millions of different combinations. We are convinced that NFTs would take place a huge part in the future of the art world. But also the decentralization process and NFTs are very important to us since there are so many fake profile pictures on the internet.
This is why we are making our first NFT collection inspired by Squid Game which will be built on Solana blockchain.




Marketing Head


Lead Developer




Oppa is establishing the new standard of NFTs on Solana with the creative Buy Back system.

On the Oppa system, the NFTs are bought back from the secondary market, and then instantly burnt, increasing the investor’s value. $SOL collected from the royalties tax are securely stored in our BuyBack address that we called the "Doll Wallet". This wallet will only be used to purchase NFTs from the open market and burn them.

This process creates a decrease in circulating supply and guarantees an increase in the price floor every time BuyBack happens.

Tax Breakdown
➔ 2% marketing tax
➔ 6% Buy-Back tax


When is the mint ?

The mint date : 3rd november

What is the VIP system?

We would like to thank the early supporters to be able to mint a few minutes before the public mint comes live

What Is the mint price ?

The mint price : 0.30 SOL

On which market Oppa will be listed ?

We plan to be listed on Solanart , DigitalEyes, MagicEden and our own Marketplace

What is a buyback, and when will it happen ?

6% of the fees collected from royalties will be served to buy back NFT and burn it. Buy back will happen once randomly every week